Oregon Duck Hunters Association

Youth Activities

Without the interest of youth, everything we have worked for and the tradition of duck hunting will be forgotten. Hunting can be such a great tool to teach the next generations the values of respect, patience and hard work. The Oregon Duck Hunters Association stands by these values and works hard to preserve our way of life and improve on the resources we have so that our sons, daughters and grandchildren can have the same experiences, love and respect of wildlife that we do.

Over the course of the past twenty years, the Oregon Duck Hunters has lent ongoing support and sponsorships to the following organizations in addition to the below projects;

  • Oregon Youth Outdoor Day at E.E. Wilson.
  • The Oregon Becoming an Outdoors Women program with ODFW.
  • Washington State Youth Conservation camp, sponsor 10 campers every year.
  • Delta Wildlife Camp, sponsored one camper.
  • Oregon State Outdoor School Program.
  • Oregon Waterfowl Festival – Gold Level Sponsor Member.
  • Construction and placement of dozens of wood duck nesting boxes. These are assembled with local children at local events as a lesson of conservationism. As late as 2011 and 2012, approximately 30 wood duck boxes were placed at the Umatilla National Wildlife Area, specifically at the McCormick Slough unit.

Deer Island Youth Hunt Weekend

Every year the Oregon Duck Hunters Assn. hosts a youth hunting event for the members of the organization. This event provides a safe environment for kids to learn and have a great introduction to duck hunting on an amazing piece of private property. These kids get to learn how to scout for waterfowl and build blinds during this two day outing where kids stay in the deer island club house. This video shows an example of a previous hunt.

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