Oregon Duck Hunters Association


David Boys Memorial Wetlands

Project Date: 2011
Project Cost: $26,000

The David Boys Memorial Wetlands project was conceptualized following the untimely passing of one of our most active members. In 2010, a project was submitted that is proving to be our finest effort – Boys Lake at the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area. Today, Boys Lake stands tall as a leading example of grass roots conservation success! It is an entirely new hunting area that will be available to the public for generations to come.

Oregon Maritime Museum Exhibit

Project Date: 2006
Project Cost: $10,000

The Oregon Duck Hunters Association funded the costs to create an exhibit at the Oregon Maritime Museum in Astoria Oregon. The exhibit named “The Art of the Decoy” ran for two years creating a bridge between the hunting and non-hunting public though quiet reflection and study of hand-crafted waterfowl decoys of yesteryear. Charles Bergman was the featured artist. The exhibit was executed flawlessly and heavily attended.

Potlatch Properties

Project Date: 2000
Project Cost $5,000

The Oregon Duck Hunters Association joined forces with Ducks Unlimited and Potlatch Properties to restore a wetland near Boardman Oregon. Nesting islands were constructed and the Russian olive tree intrusions were mitigated.